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Meet Your Host: Digital Nomad Adventures

How we work and travel has changed almost beyond recognition over the last decade. The digital age has been the catalyst for serious change within the remote work landscape and has created a new sort of traveller – the Digital Nomad.

Digital Nomads are driven by an inherent desire to travel, see the world, and experience new cultures while building successful careers and growing professionally. They understand the meaning behind the question, why can’t I have it all? And they curate their lifestyles to prove they can, every day. Digital Nomads have redefined traditional career and travel norms, and just like with every significant change, the world has had to adapt to suit. In response to this paradigm shift, we find that new ways to travel emerge, just like Digital Nomad Adventures.

Today we have the pleasure to have a talk with Joe Fallon, founder of Digital Nomad Adventures and host of their amazing trips in South East Asia.

NomadRetreats.co: Hi Joe! Can you tell us more about what is Digital Nomad Adventures? And what sets you apart from other digital nomad retreats?

Joe: Hi guys, I’m so excited to talk about Digital Nomad Adventures today! Our goal is to offer a journey beyond the typical digital nomad retreat or co-living/co-working experience. Digital Nomad Adventures is run by nomads and crafted specifically for nomads and entrepreneurs who love to travel. We aim to help those dreaming of a life filled with new experiences in new places pursue their dreams and make their passion for adventure come to life.

How do we achieve this? Well, when you set off on a tour with Digital Nomad Adventures, you’ll experience the perfect fusion of a nomad networking trip, an adrenaline-filled group adventure tour, and an insightful business/personal development retreat. If you embark on our 9-day Thailand tour or 11-day Bali expedition, we’ll make sure that your passion for nomad living will burn even brighter. Each journey combines the exhilaration of group travel with the timeless principles of success and happiness.

NomadRetreats.co: It sounds like a blast! What was the vision behind starting Digital Nomad Adventures?

Joe: Digital Nomad Adventures (or DNA for short) is a collective passion project founded by digital nomads and entrepreneurs to offer a range of adventures. We help people expand their minds, networks, and travel experiences. After over ten years of providing unforgettable travel experiences to travellers across four continents, me and the other founders of TruTravels created DNA. We wanted to became the go-to travel company for business-minded adventurers.

The inspiration behind Digital Nomad Adventures stems from the founders’ inherent passion for using travel as a transformative tool. We think that it’s more than just a business; it’s an endeavor to open minds, bring about economic balance, and serve as a source of creativity and motivation.

DNA aims to help people live their dreams of loving their jobs and allowing their work lives to fit seamlessly around their deeper passion: travel. Here at Digital Nomad Adventures we live by a simple idea. Life should not revolve around work, but work should allow everyone to live where and how they want to.

NomadRetreats.co: We don’t think we could’ve said that better! What can digital nomads expect from Digital Nomad Adventures?

Joe: With Digital Nomad Adventures we didn’t want to create “yet another travel company”. A nomad adventure with DNA is not a retreat, co-living, or co-working. It’s a travel experience unlike any other. A travel experience with DNA is an unforgettable opportunity to embark on a unique journey of self-discovery and experience new places, people, and cultures where you can forge lifelong connections with like-minded people. Each trip with DNA comes with the warning that the trips and people you meet will change your life.

NomadRetreats.co: Wow, if that’s not an incentive to book one of their unique experiences, we don’t know what is!
Then who are Digital Nomad Adventures tours tailored to?

Joe: Whether you’re an experienced nomad who has taken part in other nomad tours or an aspiring nomad with dreams of jumping into a life-changing experience, Digital Nomad Adventures is the tour for you.

Aspiring digital nomad

Digital Nomad Adventures is the result of people like you leaping into the unknown. We understand better than anyone just how you’ll feel as you stand on the edge of this exciting new chapter.

When you embark on a trip with DNA, you’ll be supported every step of the way. Surrounded by like-minded people at the start of their digital nomad journey and seasoned nomads eager to share their passion for this lifestyle with you.

Escape the mundane of a 9-5 work life spent in the same office every day, and join the trip of your dreams.

Established digital nomads

If you’re already an established digital nomad, a Digital Nomad Adventures trip is your opportunity to expand your network and grow professionally and personally.

Trips with DNA aren’t just your chance to see new places and participate in exciting activities; they also have eye-opening group discussions with nomad experts and conversations with inspiring guest speakers.

Take your business further and join a life-changing nomad journey with DNA.

NomadRetreats.co: Like you, we believe in bringing this lifestyle to as many people as possible, and we’re inspired by what you’re doing and we’re still curious to know more. Can you tell our readers what do you think is Digital Nomad Adventures’ magic recipe for igniting passion and providing unforgettable experiences?

Joe: We won’t give all our secrets right away, hahaha! But if the promise of an unparalleled travel experience isn’t enough, here are some more compelling reasons we think everyone will like:

  • Networking: Engage with a diverse group of nomads, entrepreneurs, and like-minded individuals.
  • Personal & Professional Growth: Through curated sessions, gain insights into principles of success and happiness that can catalyze your growth journey.
  • Adventure: Experience the thrill of traveling to mesmerizing destinations and partaking every day in exciting activities.
  • Value for Money: With a comprehensive package covering most of your travel needs at a competitive price, it’s an offer hard to resist.
  • Feedback & Collaboration: As a budding venture, Digital Nomad Adventures welcomes input from the Nomad community. Plus, we’re all ears if you’re keen on collaboration or promoting the cause!
NomadRetreats.co: we think those are great reasons! How can I take part in a Digital Nomad Adventures tour?

Joe: Digital Nomad Adventures has just kicked the Thailand tour this November, and from now we have a trip setting off every month (not running in December 2023). The Bali tour will start in March 2024, so now is the perfect chance to book!

NomadRetreats.co: we can’t wait to see your stories about the upcoming trips! That’s it for today, Thank You Joe for being our guest!

Joe: Thank you guys for having me! Can’t wait to see the digital nomad travel space growing together.

Are you ready to jump into these unforgettable experiences by Digital Nomad Adventures? Here is our final recap.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Start and end points: With DNA, you have two tour options: a 9-day Thailand tour or an 11-day Bali tour. Your Thailand adventure begins in the bustling city of Bangkok and culminates in the serene beauty of Koh Phangan, an emerging nomad hotspot. Your Bali trip begins and ends in Canggu after travelling to other popular Balinese nomad hubs.
  • Duration: Dive into 9 or 11 days of unparalleled adventure, networking opportunities, personal growth, and memorable moments in dreamy destinations.
  • Unique itinerary: While traditional group tours focus merely on sightseeing, Digital Nomad Adventures offers a comprehensive business-focused approach. Coaches run a growth program parallel to the travel activities led by knowledgeable local guides. During your tour, you will engage in group discussions, access reading and listening materials, indulge in mastermind sessions, and occasionally interact with guest speakers and founders who may inspire you.
  • Pricing: At an introductory price of just £1495, expect a package inclusive of accommodation, transport, engaging activities, select meals, guide services, enriching course content, and, of course, a guaranteed extraordinary experience.

If you want to be part of this revolutionary travel experience or seek more information, head to their website. And remember, if you use Nomad Retreats’ unique discount code, you can access an even cheaper price for your trip!

Use code NOMADRETREATS for a 10% discount on your Digital Nomad Adventures booking.


Travel. Grow. Network. Welcome to the new age of travel with Digital Nomad Adventures!

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