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Meet your Host: As We Flow

Today we have the pleasure to get to know better As We Flow and its creators, Lorenzo and Nairi. They’d love to be your host in their paradisiac villa in Sardinia, Italy, staying in the coliving or for a retreat experience.

Hello everyone! We are Nairi and Lorenzo, two nomads that left the city to live close to nature in the beautiful island of Sardinia! Here, next to the beach, we decided to give birth to As We Flow Coliving.

What Is Your Mission and What Sets You Apart?

As We Flow is more than a simple coliving experience; it’s a peaceful space for those seeking to rediscover themselves and reconnect with nature, while staying in a peaceful and inspiring place with other nomads and share experie together. Our primary mission is to facilitate the reconnection of individuals with nature, guiding them into a state of flow where they feel an innate harmony with the universe. Once this first connection is done, magic happens: we immediately see how easily and spontaneously individuals connect between themselves, sharing experiences and creating deeper bounds. The serene environment encourages a genuine, unmasked expression of self.

What sets us apart is the lifestyle we promote and the philosophy behind it.

  • A Nature-centric philosophy: at the heart of As We Flow is a commitment to reconnecting with nature. Our coliving space, nestled in the green hills of Sardinia, serves as a starting point for nomads to immerse themselves in the beauty and energy of the natural world.
  • The Flow state as a lifestyle: The flow state is a mental state where an individual is fully immersed and focused on a particular activity, feeling energized, fully involved, and enjoying the process. Flow is not limited to a specific type of activity and can be experienced in many different ways, including work, sports, art, and leisure. Cultivating activities that promote the flow state can lead to increased satisfaction, creativity, and overall well-being. What we do in our coliving is guide individuals through the transformative process of entering the flow state. How? By encouraging mindfulness, self-reflection, and a deep connection with the surroundings, we provide a way for guests to rediscover their authentic selves. The journey begins with self-discovery and extends into communal bonds, creating an environment where individuals can share experiences, insights, and support each other’s personal growth. Surrounded by the tranquility of nature, individuals can relax, be themselves, and cultivate a peaceful mind and a flowing state of mind. 

What Is the Vision Behind Your Unique Program?

Not an easy one, but dreaming is for free right? Our vision is to live in a world where individuals are connected to the rhythm of nature, embodying a harmonious balance between personal well-being, community, and the environment. We’d love to be part of a global network of awakened individuals who have embraced the power of the flow state and are actively contributing to a more compassionate, sustainable, and interconnected world.

The vision behind our project is to create a ripple effect of positive vibes, starting with individuals and reaching outward to communities, societies, and the world. As We Flow is dedicated to nurturing a future where the flow state is not just a personal experience but a collective one that helps create a more conscious and interconnected world.

From Vision to Reality: The Inspiring Tale of Your Origins

We were living in the chaotic yet beautiful city of Milan, but were both desiring a more authentic and fulfilling way of living. While the career in the big companies we were working for may be rewarding and challenging, it can also lead to lots of stress, and sometimes a lack of work-life balance. We needed a change of pace, more tranquility, and to get back to a deeper connection with the natural world. 

While looking for the right place for us, we decided to start traveling, living in our van and dedicating our time to our passions: outdoor activities, mainly climbing and yoga. During this time we met many other nomads like us, and none of them could give up contact with nature in their everyday lives. So that’s when we decided to create a space for people like us, who still wanted to work on their professional and personal projects, but would rather do it from a peaceful place, with the sea in front and lots of nature. That’s when the coliving in Sardinia came in! We had this opportunity and couldn’t say no. We travel a couple of months per year around the world, visiting other colivings and guesthouses, but the energy that we have in Sardinia is very unique for us.

Crafting Wanderlust: What Is Your Magic Recipe For Unforgettable Experiences?

Our magic recipe for unforgettable experiences at As We Flow combines nature, the flow, a genuine community, local immersion in the best island of Sardinia and a warm hospitality. It’s a carefully crafted blend that leaves all our guests with lovely memories and a sense of renewal that lasts long after they’ve left our coliving.

Our coliving space is located in front of the sea, on the top of green hills, immersed in peacefulness. The house and its location help individuals to re-connect to the natural world. From sunrise yoga sessions to guided nature hikes, every aspect of the stay is designed to amplify the soothing and invigorating power of nature as well as the flow state. Our guests can decide to join meditation sessions, collaborative workshops, or sporty climbing sessions outdoors: we encourage them to explore their passions, develop new skills, and foster a deep connection with their inner selves and the surroundings. Our aim is to create an environment where time seems to stand still as individuals become fully absorbed in the present moment. Moreover, through communal living spaces, group outdoor activities and collaborative projects, all genuine connections within our community go beyond the “short” stay in Sardinia. 

Your Adventure Awaits: Who Is This Experience Tailored For?

As We Flow experience is thought for a diverse range of individuals united by a common desire for re-connection with nature, personal growth, and curiosity for new experiences. Whether you’re a remote worker, digital nomad, nature lover, community enthusiast, or someone on a journey of self-discovery, our coliving welcomes you.

As We Flow Coliving offers not only a mix of work, personal growth, and community but also a unique coworking setting that transforms the traditional office space into an oasis of tranquility with the calming presence of nature and the sea. These spaces inspire creativity and fresh perspectives, where ideas flourish and creativity knows no bounds. The symbiotic connection between the workspace and the natural surroundings not only enhances productivity but also fosters an atmosphere where individuals can connect professionally between each other, creating synergies and collaborations.

We think that what Lorenzo and Naira are doing is quite unique and can speak to so many people looking to reconnect with nature and with themselves. If you feel called by visiting As We Flow Coliving in Sardinia during off-season, and also in summer, heads to our home page to see the next dates for their retreats, and to their website for their full offer.

Also, you can keep in touch with them on the ‘gram: As We Flow on Instagram

Until the next time!

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